Information Studies, Digital Design, MA in Journalism etc.

Audiodesign, Digital Design, IT-Didactic Design and Information Studies

You have the option of doing an internship or work placement as part of your Master’s degree programme with a view to working with your subject in a specific job context. This placement must be relevant to your studies, as well as reflecting the labour market for which you are preparing. You can read more about the guidelines for doing a placement in the academic regulations for your subject. The academic regulations refer to placements as either “internships” or “work placements”.

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Requirements for placements

Placements can be done in public-sector or private-sector host organisations in Denmark or abroad. You need to play a part in one or more of the daily working routines or work with a limited project in your host organisation.

Deadlines for completing your internship

The following deadlines apply for the internship/work placement/internship at the project host:

  • In the autumn semester, your stay has to be completed no later than 31 December

Special rules for:

Students of information studies:                                                                                                        

Your placement must last between three and five months (between two and four months for students using the option of a 20 ECTS placement on the A2 line), and must take place at an organisation or company which is relevant for your subject.

How do I find a host organisation?

  1. The job bank

    You will find a list of placement advertisements at AU job and project bank
    Placement advertisements are posted all year round, but the peak season is May-June and December-January.
  2. List of old placement advertisements

    Go to Student counselling and check out the file containing old placement advertisements to get some good ideas about where you can find a placement.
  3. Contact a company

    You can also contact companies who have not announced any interest in interns.
  4. Start your own business

    It is possible to take an internship in your own company and get The Kitchen as an internship host. If you want to know more about starting your own business, please find contact information here 

How do I find a supervisor?

You must choose your own placement supervisor at your school (normally a teacher who is interested in the topic of the placement).

See the list of researchers affiliated with Digital Design, Audiodesign and Information Studies.

You can also find out out who works with the topic of your placement by asking your fellow students, teachers or student counsellors. A supervisor can be allocated to you if you have difficulty finding one yourself. You need to apply for this to the board of studies. Your application must contain information about the academic content of your placement, enabling the board of studies to find a supervisor for you.

You are responsible for arranging meetings with your supervisor, depending on your needs, the number of ECTS credits involved etc. We recommend at least three or four supervision sessions, depending on the extent of the placement. These should be held before or at the start of the placement, during the placement, and in connection with doing your assignment/exam.

You will get most out of your placement if you step back and think carefully about the tasks and role you are performing at the host organisation along the way. This should preferably be done with your supervisor. So we recommend that you do not work for the host organisation more than 25 hours a week. We also recommend that you reserve the month before the exam and use it to write your assignment.

Applications and approval

Procedure for applications and approval

The procedure for placement applications and approval vary, depending on your principal field of study.

Information Studies, Digital Design, IT-Didactic Design and Audiodesign

You are responsible for finding a host organisation. Once you have found a host organisation you need to work with them to draw up a placement agreement containing information about the placement period, tasks to be performed, reporting etc.

This agreement must be signed by your contact at the host organisation and approved by your supervisor at the university.

Once your project agreement has been approved and signed, you must scan and upload it via the form ‘Preliminary approval for courses outside AU’ at

Remember to register for your internship/placement exam during the exam registration period via the self-service system

Exam assignments

Placements end with a written assignment on a subject chosen by the student.

The length of this assignment varies, depending on your principal field of study.

You will find more information about the type of examination in your academic regulations.