Registration for exams - Arts

Once you have registered for a course, you are also registered for the exam

  • Compulsory courses:
    You will be registered automatically for  the courses and the first attempt of the corresponding exams.
  • Elective courses:
    You must register/indicate your priorities in the Student Self-Service system (STADS) during the registration period.
    When you have registered for an elective course, you will be registered automatically for the first attempt of the corresponding exam as well.

Check your registration

You must check that you have been registered correctly before the end of the registration period. You can see your registrations on your study timeline at

Registration periods:

  • 1-5 May: registration for courses in the autumn semester
  • 1-5 November: registration for courses in the spring semester


If you are going to re-examination, you must register yourself.

If you have been deregistered

If you have been deregistered from an exam – e.g. on the basis of a dispensation – please contact Study Centre Arts If you want to register for the exam again.

Professional master's students

If you are a professional master's degree student please find information on registration for exams here:

  • Information for professional masters' students

Problems with registration?

If you have been on special leave, have been granted an exemption, have been on maternity/paternity leave or for other reasons are unable to register yourself – or if you have any problems with registering or withdrawing from your studies – please contact the Study Centre Arts by the deadline. Save your receipt as documentation that you have contacted in due time.

In the event of problems with login and technical problems: