About teaching at Arts

Teaching plans

You can find your personal timetable at mystudies.au.dk

The teaching will be planned in relation to the number of students registered for each course.

As a rule, the timetables at the School of Communication and Culture and the School of Culture and Society are announced at the end of December (for the spring semester) and the beginning of July (for the autumn semester). This is to make sure that we make the best possible use of our classrooms.

The timetables for students at the Danish School of Education are announced at the beginning of November (for the spring semester)

Division into classes

If a cours is divided into classes, you will be assigned to a class automatically.

Due to the current coronavirus restrictions, it will not be possible to apply to change or swap classes in the spring semester 2021.

Recording of classes

As a student, you are not necessarily allowed to record your classes. This is because your teacher has authority over the teaching situation and is the owner of the lecture, so to speak, and it is therefore up to the individual teacher to decide if students are allowed to record their classes. Always ask your teacher for permission before you record a class.

If a teacher chooses to let students record their classes, the teacher must be careful not to treat students differently in an unfair way. This means that the teacher has to have a good reason to give particular students permission to record classes if others have been told no. However, it would be legal to give students with disabilities special permission to record classes, even if others are not allowed. This would not be unfair discrimination.

If you have recorded a class as a student, you are not allowed to share the recording with others, because of the rules about copyright and data protection. If you want to release a recording, you have to get the permission of both the teacher and all of the students in the recording.

Participating in teaching activities without registration

Access to courses at the Faculty of Arts is reserved for students who are registered for these courses and exams.

Other individuals who are not registered may, subject to agreement with the course teacher, attend a small number of classes or lectures. This agreement must be made before the class or lecture in question.


NB: As a result of the coronavirus, in the sprong semester 2021, it is not possible to make an agreement with the teacher to participate in teaching without registration.