Course registration

Registration period for compulsory courses:

  • Compulsory courses in the spring semester: 1-5 November
  • Compulsory courses in the autumn semester: 1-5 May

Registering for compulsory courses

If you follow the original degree programme structure, you will automatically be registered for the compulsory courses of your current semester. When you are registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the exam. We recommend that each semester, you ensure that you are registered for the correct courses and exams. Check your registration at -> 'My study timeline'. Your registrations will be marked with a blue ‘C’ (course) and/or ‘E’ (exam).

If you are unsure which compulsory courses you should be registered for, please log in and check at -> 'My study timeline' or find an overview of the courses and structure of your degree programme in your academic regulations.

If you do not follow the original degree programme structure, it is your own responsibility to register for the compulsory courses. Please register by contacting your course administrator within the registration period. 

For students following the MSc Technology Based Business Development for working professionals: You are automatically registered for courses on your first semester of the degree programme, but you must register for courses on the following semesters yourself. You register in the self-service system in the registration period. This applies to both mandatory courses as well as electives.

Registering for elective courses

It is your own responsibility to register for elective courses. Please find the details about when elective courses should be placed on your degree programme under 'Electives'.

Registering for subject courses on Technology Based Business Development

Students on Technology Based Business Development must choose mandatory subject courses on 1st and 2nd semester. 

You can read about tje procedure here on the study portal.

Access to the course teaching material in Brightspace

When you are registered for a course, you will automatically have access to the course teaching material on Brightspace.

If you have trouble accessing the teaching material on Brightspace, please contact the course administrator at the department responsible for the course. You will find the course administrator for the subject area on your degree programme on the overview of contact names at the Department of Business Development and Technology.

Registering for courses that you have previously attended

If you have previously been registered for a course or did not pass on your first or second exam attempt and would like to re-register for the course, please write or within the registration period. Please note that you are not able to be re-registered in a course with restricted admission.

If you do not wish to follow the teaching again and only wish to register for your second or third exam attempt, please follow the deadlines for exam registration

Postponing courses

If you follow courses from different semesters at the same time, you should be aware that there is a risk that teaching hours may overlap.    


Do you have any questions about your course registration? 

Do you need assistance with your study planning, please contact the student counsellor's office