Trainee in mentor company (internship)

Trainee in mentor company (internship)

Before you begin your internship it is important that you have things such as company, internship agreement etc. sorted out.

On this page you can see, what you need to pay attention to before, during and after your internship in a mentor company.

Important for students receiving SU

In your internship agreement you must state if your internship is paid or not.

Regardless if you are doing a paid internship or not, you must inform the SU-office (if you are receiving SU). You do so by filling out the form here.

By sending the form, you will notify the SU-office and they will process your case. If you are doing an unpaid internship, you may be eligible for SU in the period for internship.

Internship - GMM

As a part of your degree programme it is mandatory to have a semester's internship in a company. For GMM-students the internship takes place on the 5 semester, but after agreement with the head of studies, it is possible to do the internship in spring.

Read the course description for Trainee in Mentor Company (ingeniørpraktik) for GMM here.

1. Before your internship

Students must themselves establish contact with relevant companies where the internship could take place.

If you need advise about how to approach companies you can contact Aarhus BSS Career.

Once you have found a company, you must fill-out and sign the contract for your internship.

You receive the contract through email, and you must print out the contract, sign it, and your contact in the mentor company must sign the contract as well.
Last your supervisor at GMM (Eva Sørum Poulsen) must approve and sign the contract. Remember to send a copy of the approved contract to your study secretary and to the SU-office before the internship starts (as the internship can affect your SU).
You must always notify the SU-office about whether or not, you will receive SU in your internship. Please find the correct form here.

Deadline for a signed and approved contract is 15 January (spring semester) and 15 August (autumn semester)

2. After your internship

After your internship you must hand in:

  • A trainee report
  • A declaration from the company(must be attached as an appendix to the trainee report)   

You can find the requirements for your trainee report in the course description.

The report is to be handed in in Wiseflow and the date for submission can be found in the examination plan.