Public Policy Specialisation

It is important that you check your academic regulations before deciding which courses you wish to follow. The courses listed below is in the economics and political science fields as reqiured in the academic regulations.

When considering which elective courses you wish to attend, please pay attention to the following principles used for the time tables to avoid overlapping courses. Find the course clusters in the Course registration section.

Please find the course descriptions in the course catalogue.

For students at BSc level, please refer to your academic regulation or your study portal.

Mandatory Courses

Mandatory courses - Autumn:
4428: Politics and Economics of the EU (10 ECTS)
4518: The Economics of the Welfare State (10 ECTS)

Mandatory courses -Spring:
4427: Economics of Competition and Regulation (10 ECTS)     
5425: Applied Public Policy (P) (10 ECTS)

Elective Courses - Summer 2022

Political Science

AUG3F22 Behavioural Public Administration and Metascience (10 ECTS)

Summer University:

EU Politics in Theory and Practice (International Summer Course in Brussels) (10 ECTS)
The Spoken Word: Interview Method, Negotiation Theory and Rhetoric (10 ECTS)


4805: Summer Topics in Economics (5 ECTS)
4810: Summer Topics in Economics (10 ECTS)
6302: Economic Modeling and Inference (5 ECTS)

Elective Courses - Autumn 2022

Political Science:
211E22 Development Policy: Explanation, Implementation, Effect (10 ECTS)
212E22 Advanced EU Politics (10 ECTS)
213E22 The Welfare State in Changing Times (10 ECTS)
214E22 Capitalism, Democracy and the Welfare State: an Introduction to Comparative Political Economy (10 ECTS)
215E22 Political Agenda-setting (10 ECTS)
221E22 Social Media and Politics (10 ECTS)
222E22 The Political Elite: Politicians, Bureaucrats and Lobbyists at the Apex of Politics (10 ECTS)
223E22: Electoral Systems: Do They Really Matter? (10 ECTS)
224E22 An Unequal Power Game? Collective Action and Interest (10 ECTS)
225E22 The Psychology of Political Hostility: Why We Hate ‘the Other Side’, its Consequences and What to Do about It (10 ECTS)
241E22 Cities as Frontrunners of Climate Policy? Multi-level Governance in Climate Policy (10 ECTS)
242E22 Digitalised Public Administration - the New Normal and How to Study it (10 ECTS)
243E22 Organisation Theoretical Perspectives on Public Organisations (10 ECTS)
244E22 Psychology, Public Administration and Meta-science (10 ECTS)
245E22 Politicians and Bureaucrats (10 ECTS)
261E22 The Role of Space and Geography in Politics: Theory, Method and Application (10 ECTS)
262E22 Causal Case Studies, Mixed Methods, and Research Design (10 ECTS)
263E22 Survey Experiments in the Social Sciences (10 ECTS)
271E22 Trust and Truth in Science – Interactions between Science, Society and Public Policy (10 ECTS)
101E22 Leadership and Motivation in Public Organisations (20 ECTS)


4407: Labour Economics (10 ECTS)
4425: Micro 2 (10 ECTS)
4505: Macro 2 (10 ECTS)
4615: Microeconometrics (10 ECTS)
4616: Time Series Econometrics (10 ECTS)
4645: Machine Learning Methods in Empirical Economics (10 ECTS)
5418: Health Economics (10 ECTS)
5440: Environmental Economics (P) (10 ECTS)
5450: Political Economy (10 ECTS)
5460: Development Microeconomics (P) (10 ECTS)    
5522: International Economics (10 ECTS)
5524: Economic Growth and the Environment (10 ECTS)
5637: Applied Micro Econometrics (P) (10 ECTS)
6302: Economic Modeling and Inference
6551: Advanced Macroeconomics (10 ECTS)
6954: Mathematical Analysis  (10 ECTS)    

Elective Courses - Spring 2022

Political Science:

211F22 Democratisation: Methods and Causes (10 ECTS)
216F22 Evolutionary Approach to Political Psychology (10 ECTS)
217F22 Artificial Intelligence and Democracy: Friends or Foes? (10 ECTS)
212F22 Domestic Politics and International Relations (20 ECTS)
231F22 One for All, All for One - Inter-organisational Collaboration and Coherence at the Front Line (10 ECTS)
213F22 Political Elites, Bureaucratic Quality and Democratic Development (10 ECTS)
232F22 Performance Measurement, Management and Data-informed Learning (10 ECTS)
251F22 Advanced Quantitative Political Methodology: Causal Inference (10 ECTS)
233F22 Governance, Coordination and Leadership in the Healthcare Sector (10 ECTS)
234F22 Quantitative Perspectives on Education Policy (10 ECTS)
215F22 Political Culture and Norms: How Societies Change (10 ECTS)
253F22 Computational Text Analysis (10 ECTS)    


4118: Business Data Analysis (10 ECTS)
4542: Monetary Economics (10 ECTS)
5361: Macro Finance (10 ECTS)
5401: Empirical Human Resource Management (10 ECTS)
5415: Micro and Macro Models of the Labor Market (P) (10 ECTS)
5527: The Economics of Pension and Demographics (10 ECTS)
5620: Economic Forecasting (P) (10 ECTS)
6450: Advanced Microeconomic Theory (10 ECTS)
6652: Advanced Econometrics (10 ECTS)