Excel is a spreadsheet-program from the Microsoft Office package. You can use Excel to create project folders (gather a collection of spreadsheets) to analyze data and make deliberate business decisions. Excel is especially effective in finding data, establishing models to analyze data, creating equations to calculate data, pivot data, and visualize data in many different professional looking diagrams.


Analytics Group has prepared a manual for portfolio optimization in Excel, which can be found below:

Analytics Group has prepared a manual for saving Excel-files as PDF.

A translation of the functions in Excel from Danish to English and from English to Danish.

Course material

The Analytics Group frequently arranges courses in Excel on different levels of difficulty. Both basic courses for bachelor students and more advanced offered to MSc. students. The course material is handed out at the start of the course.

The latest version of Microsoft Office 2010 (Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC) is used in all courses. It is recommended that you acquire this version, as many improvements have been made, including compatibility issues between Windows and MAC versions.

Excel Introduction for MMC

This course introduces Excel from scratch and builds on a wide variety of options and functions that make your Excel work more efficient. The course starts from scratch and explains Excel’s setup and how to take data into Excel. The course covers formatting, functions, IF-functions, diagrams, exporting from Excel to Word, and print setup. The course ends with optional exercises that allow the attendee to get a hands-on experience with the taught material.

Excel for Asset Pricing I

This is a course primarily for students following the Asset Pricing I course. The course is a walktrough of Excel tools useful for the course. Among other things, the course introduces you to matrix calculations, if-conditions and use of the Solver function.

Business Intelligence for ITKO

This course is a part of the corriculum for ITKO-students.

Excel for IBP Union

There will be many different subjects in this basic course as referencing, functions (if, round and more, diagrams, data management, formatting and more.

Excel CA A-Kasse

Course material for Excel Basic:

Course material for Excel Advanced:

Excel PhD Health

Course material for Excel Advanced: