On 1 March 2024, the digital exam system WISEflow will be rolled out across the entire university. It replaces the current version of WISEflow used at Aarhus BSS and the Digital Exams system used at Arts, Health, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences. 

On this page, you will find technical guides to WISEflow and find out what you need to be aware of before and during the exam. You will also find a link to the IT support in case you experience technical problems with the system.

Please note: If you have used WISEflow before, please make sure to log into the new university-wide version of WISEflow as the old versions will no longer be active.

Technical guides

Before the exam

Flow overview

In WISEflow, exams are called "flows", and the "Flow overview" gives you an overview of your exams. Here you can see the status of the individual exams and the type of exam in question.

You can try out the different exam types by using the test function (“Demoflow”).

Try the tutorial below to find out more about the flow overview and demoflows.

Find more information about your exam

By clicking the individual flows in the flow overview, you will get more information about the exams e.g. exam date and other important information.

Find out more in the tutorial below.

Before written on-site exams

Download the Device Monitor

When the Device Monitor is activated, the programme will automatically take screenshots of your screen during the exam.

It will depend on the individual exam whether you have to activate the Device Monitor. You will be notified about this before the exam.

Download the lockdown-browser

The lockdown browser is used in written exams with no aids. It ensures that you cannot access any other material than the exam assignment and any permitted external ressources during the entire exam.

It's important that you download, install and try out the lockdown-browser well ahead of the exam. See how in the tutorial below.

During the exam - tutorials

Withdraw a submission

In WISEflow, you are able to withdraw your submission – however only in case of ordinary take-home assignments and only until the submission deadline has passed. If a withdrawal is not possible, you will be notified of this before submitting your exam paper.

Find out how to withdraw your submission in the tuturial below. 

Submit an exam paper

Group formation

If your exam flow has been set up to Group submission, you may submit your paper as a member of a group or alone in a one-person group.

To be able to submit your assignment, you (or another person from your group), must form a group in WISEflow. Please note that you need to form a group even if you're in a one-person group and that you cannot form the group until the exam flow has started.

See how you form a group in the tutorial below.

During written on-site exams

FLOWlock - the basics

FLOWlock is a special type of flow in WISEflow, which is tailored to on-site examinations with limited or no aids permitted.

A FLOWlock exam takes place entirely in a designated lockdown browser, where you will get access to a built-in text editor which limits your access to all other than the allowed programmes on your computer while the flow is active.

To take a FLOWlock exam, you must download, install and test the lockdown browser before the exam (find out how here).

In the tutorial below, you can see what you need to do in WISEflow when taking a FLOWlock exam. Before the exam, you can test the various FLOWlock elements in a demo flow, which you access from the bottom of your flow overview

External ressources in FLOWlock

In some FLOWlock exams, you will be permitted to access e.g. your own notes and selected websites. In WISEflow, these are referred to a "external ressources".

Find out how to use external ressources in the tutorial below.

Text formating in FLOWlock

In FLOWlock exams, you will get access to a text editor in WISEflow. See how you format your text in the tutorial below.

Digitizing appendix material in FLOWlock

In FLOWlock you may add various appendix materials. See how you digitize your material in the tutorial below.

Exam using Device Monitor

How to log in


Do you need help? Contact the IT support here.