Two-factor authentication

For security reasons, students must now use two-factor authentication to log on to systems like:

  • Brightspace
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • MoveOn
  • Panopto

We recommend that you use Microsofts app, Microsoft Authenticator, for the purpose and that you install it on your mobile phone. If you use VPN connection through you have already installed two-factor authentication and you do not need to do anything further.

Read here how to install and use two-factor authentication.

Guidelines on setup of two-step authentication

NB! Click here if you don't have a mobilephone.

1. Download and install the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app on your mobile. You should not open the app yet – merely install it. You will find the app at App Store or Google Play.

Microsoft Authenticator icon

2. Do no open the app yet. (Nothing happens if you do)

3. Log in to your computer)

4. You will see this message. Click on ‘Next’ to continue with setup. (On your computer)

4a. If not showing the correct user then click "Use different Account"

and enter your AU-ID or EXT-ID as shown below

5. Configure two step authentication: (On you computer)

  • Select Mobile App from the list
  • set the dot alongside ‘Receive notification of approval’.
  • Click the blue button labelled ‘Set up’.

6. Then open the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app. (On your mobile).

7. Add an account on the app, and select ‘Work or school account’. (On your mobile)

8. Keep your mobile in front of your computer screen so the app can capture the QR code. See example below. 

9. Click on ‘Next’

10. When you see the image below, you should click on ‘Approve’ in the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app on your mobile.

11. Select the country code and enter your mobile number.

12. Click ‘Next’.

13. Click  ‘Finished’ and close the window. You are now ready to use two-step authentication.

You have now finished setting up two-step authentication. Don't click anything else. Close the page.

How two-step authentication works with and Brightspace

When you log in to your mail, e.g. or Brightspace, and enter your username and password, you will subsequently be asked for two-step authentication.

In your browser you will see this image. You must now use your mobile for the next step.

On your mobile you will see a drop-down menu on which you can select ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny’. Select ‘Approve’.

If you do not manage to press ‘Approve’ on the drop-down menu you can always open the Microsoft Authenticator app and press ‘Approve’ there. When you’ve pressed ‘Approve’ on the app you will be logged in.

Remember that you must enter your username in the format au[auid], e.g.

What if I don’t have any mobile coverage?

If you are out of range you cannot carry out two-step authentication in the app. If you see a dialog like the one below you can temporarily change your authentication method by clicking "Sign in another way". If you are trying to log on to a system that does not give you the option of temporarily change method, you will need to change your standard method as described here.

Click on ‘Use a verification code from my mobile app’.

Enter the code and press ‘Verify’.

You will find your six-digit verification code by opening the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app on your mobile.

Other ways for two-step authentication

Mobile app or text messages? Change settings

Two-step authentication can be set up so you will be contacted in the following ways:

  • Information via app (Mobile app)
  • Text message
  • Call
  • Authentication code from app

If you have a smartphone we recommend ‘Information via app’/‘Mobile app’.

If you want to change your settings you can do so here.

What if I don’t have a mobile?

If you don’t have a mobile (you may use your private phone if you wish to) you can instead choose to use a landline.

How to setup two-step authentication if you have a landline

When you receive the email stating that you can set up two-step authentication you must go to to do so.

If asked to enter your username you must always use the format au[auid], e.g. 

If you see the following dialogue box in Outlook you can instead start setup of two-step authentication here by clicking on ‘OK’.

When you log in to, you will see the following message. Click on ‘Next’ to continue with setup.

Select ‘Phone number (approval)’. Select ‘Denmark (+ 45)’ as country code and enter your landline number. Select ‘Call me’ under Method, and conclude with ‘Next’.

A robot will now call your landline and ask you to press # to confirm that it is you who are attempting to log in.

Click on ‘Finished’.

Lost, stolen or new mobile

Stolen or lost mobile

If your phone has been stolen or you have lost it in some other way, you will have to get your two-step authentication set up again. You must contact Support for help with this. Support can also help get the content deleted.

New mobile

If you’ve got a new mobile you must transfer your two-step authentication to it. 

Do this by clicking "configure authenticator app" on the following link. For this setup you need your old mobile, so wait resetting and deleting the app. You find guidance for the setup here