Photo credit: Jesper Rais
Photo credit: Jesper Rais

Buildings and facilities

The degree programmes in information studies, media studies and digital design are based at IT City Katrinebjerg. Teaching normally takes place in the Adorno building, the Nygaard building or the Schön building.

There are also two lecture theatres at the INCUBA Science Park, which are used for large groups and guest lectures.

The staff offices are located in the Wiener building (Helsingforsgade 14), and in the Nygaard building (Finlandsgade 21).

Video editing room

You will find 13 video editing rooms in the Adorno building. The AV department can give you access. They will also provide general support.

Audio facilities

There are facilities for surround-sound mixing in the basement of the Nygaard building.

To access these facilities, please contact Rasmus Lunding:  rasl@cc.au.dk.

Digital Design and Interaction Lab. DD Lab

There are laboratory facilities for digital design and information studies in building 5361.

This is where you will find 3D printers and laser cutters, among other things.

You can find more information about the lab here: http://ddlab.au.dk

Please send any comments or inquiries about the DD Lab to Rasmus Lunding: rasl@cc.au.dk.

AV Department

The AV Department at IT City Katrinebjerg is based in room 114, the Adorno building, Helsingforsgade 8, and can help you with:

  • Borrowing AV equipment such as dictaphones and video cameras (Handycams)
  • Booking editing rooms
  • Support for equipment and editing programmes


You will need a key if you are a teacher, or if you need access to classrooms, offices or laboratories. Please contact your secretariat if you need a key.

If you are a student of computer science, you will have to pay a deposit of DKK 500. You can pay this deposit via the webshop. Please contact the Information Office.

If you are a student of information studies, you will have to pay a deposit of DKK 1,000. You can pay this deposit via the webshop. Please contact the Information Office.

Keys to the editing rooms in the Adorno building are available from the AV Department. Please book first.

Technical support

  • IT support
  • Questions regarding AV equipment should be sent to the AV Department (room 114, Adorno building).

Disability access:

In general, the campus is disabled-friendly, for example, ramps, lifts and disabled toilets have been set up. If you need more information or have special needs, please contact: Special Educational Support

Contactc the Maintainance Office

Emergency response

Study spaces and group rooms

There are various types of study spaces and group rooms at Katrinebjerg.

See the list of study spaces at Katrinebjerg.


There is a cafeteria in the Incuba Science Park and a café in the Nygaard building.

Cafeteria for Incuba - Aarhus University & Cafe IT corner (only in Danish)
Jespers Torvekøkken runs both.  

Copying and printing

Information on where to find printers at Katrinebjerg, as well as information about the MyPrint printing system, can be found on the AU Library website under the section MyPrint.


You will find AU Library - Katrinebjerg on the first floor of the Nygaard Building.