First-year exam

Bachelor’s degree students (enrolled in September 2016 or later) must pass a first-year exam by the end of their first academic year at the latest.

Your academic regulations will state which exams the board of studies has decided to include in the first-year exam.

If you don't pass the first-year exam

If you have not passed the exams in the first-year exam by the end of your first academic year, you will lose your right to a new examination attempt. This means that even if you have unused examination attempts, you will lose the right to use them if the deadline has expired. You cannot request a deadline extension because of unused examination attempts.

If you do not meet the requirements for the first-year exam, you will be withdrawn from the university.

If there is any risk that you will be unable to pass, for example due to long-term illness or other exceptional circumstances, it is possible to apply for dispensation from the deadline.