is your digital study environment. A single point of access, where you only have to log on once (with your Microsoft-login) to gain direct access to, for instance 

  • Your timetable
  • Messages in BlackBoard
  • Your registered courses
  • Your academic regulations and study diagram
  • Messages from your study portal
  • Events

You can also go straight to other sites like STADS, and BlackBoard without having to log on again.

Synchronise schedule to calendar with iCal

At, you can synchronise your schedule to your own calendar with iCal. Click Synchronise with calendar, copy the iCal link and import it to your preferred calendar.


Setup (iPhone/iPad):

1.       Copy the link from the text field on > Synchronise with calendar

2.       Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad

3.       Choose Passwords & Accounts and then Add Account

4.       Choose Other and then Add Subscribed Calendar

5.       Paste the iCal link into the text field next to Server

6.       Choose Next and Save

7.       Your schedule will now appear in your calendar app


Setup (Google Calendar):

1.       Copy the link in the text field on > Synchronise with calendar

2.       In your browser, go to Google Calendar and log in with your Google account

3.       Next to Other calendars, click the +

4.       Choose From URL

5.       Paste the iCal link into the text field and choose Add calendar

6.       Your schedule will now appear under Other calendars. It might take a few minutes before your schedule is loaded.


Android phones:

Add the iCal link to Google Calendar in your browser as described above. This will add your schedule to your Google Calendar as well as long as you are using the same Google Account. You can choose to display or hide the schedule in your Google Calendar app.


Other phones and apps:

Find an iCal guide for the specific device or app and use the iCal link from


Delay in synchronisation:

When synchronising with iCal, changes to your schedule might not appear in your own calendar instantly. The delay depends on your device, app and settings. However, changes made to your schedule with short notice, will be updated on instantly and you will receive an email to notify you of the changes.


Delete link and generate a new one:

The iCal link contains your personal schedule. If you lose your device and want to prevent others from getting access to your schedule, you can delete the link and generate a new one. Click Synchronise with calendar and then delete link and generate a new one. Remember to import the new link to your calendar.

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