Danish School of Education, Board of Studies


Scientifc and student members of the Board of Studies can be found on the danish version of this webpage.

The board of studies is an elected body that, in collaboration with the director of studies and the AU Studies administration, manages courses and exams. Among other things, your board of studies processes the case if you apply for exemption exemptions to rules, credit transfer, preliminary approval of courses in other places (including when studying abroad) or any other deviation from the academic regulations or the decisions concerning exams.

The board of studies also provides input and proposes changes to the academic regulations, ensures that the programs develops its course offerings and teaching, and follows up on course evaluations.

Members and election

The board of studies comprises an equal number of academic staff and student representatives, so this is also where you as student can influence the conditions of your studies.

Find information about nomination and election here: Elections at AU


Board of Studies, The Danish School of Education
Tuborgvej 164
Building A
2400 København NV

e-mail: studienaevn.edu@au.dk