Confidentiality and GDPR

Dataprotection and GDPR

If you work with personal data in connection with an assignment or a Master's thesis, it is your responsibility to comply with the rules in the data protection regulation. If you have any questions - for example, if your Master's thesis must be notified to the data protection agency - please contact Educational Law. (Remember to write from your AU email address (

Confidentiality agreement

When students collaborate with a company in relation to an assignment, an exam or an internship, a confidentiality agreement may be needed.

Aarhus University recommends that aspects of confidentiality and intellectual property law are discussed before starting such projects.

With reference to the following proposal for a confidentiality agreement, companies may demand that the project report is regarded as “confidential”. This means that the report may not be disclosed to anyone other than the AU Administration, the supervisor and the co-examiner without written consent from the company. The company may also require that certain information to which students are given access during the project should be treated confidentially.

Some companies already have confidentiality agreements that can be used. You can use the following standard contract if your company does not have a confidentiality agreement.

Standard contract

The standard contract can be presented as a first proposal to the company with which you wish to collaborate. You and the company may agree on changes and adjustments. Make sure you always consider what you promise the company, and what the company promises you. The standard contract can be signed in its original format by the specified parties, after which it comes into force.

In addition to the contract, a detailed description of the scope of the work and the services that both parties agree to perform can be prepared. If the agreement is supplemented with additional material, appendices or the like, specific reference should be made to this material in the agreement.

In connection with contracts entered into by students and external companies, Aarhus University cannot be held liable for legal counselling to you as students. Aarhus University has tried to consider the interests of students in preparing the above-mentioned standard contract, but students constitute a contracting party independent of Aarhus University.