Anonymisation of exam papers | The Faculty of Arts

At the Faculty of Arts on-site exams and set take-home assignments are anonymised. This means that the assessors (examiner/co-examiner) cannot see your name or student registration number.

Therefore, you must not state your name, student registration number or other ID in your response or as part of the file name of your exam paper.

Instead, you must enter an Participant index number. You can find your Participant index number under “2. Cover sheet” and “Preview the cover sheet” in WISEflow.

NOTE: If it is also possible to form groups at this exam, you will only be able to see your participant index number after forming groups.

If the students are anonymised in a particular exam, this will be stated in the information relating to this exam in WISEflow.

NB: To support good supervision and the opportunity to receive feedback, the free take-home assignments will not be anonymised.

Anonymised group assignments

When you hand in an anonymised written assignment as part of or in a group, the assessors must be able to assess and evaluate your contribution. It must therefore be clearly stated in the assignment which part(s) of the assignment you are responsible for. This is done by making sure that you and your fellow students indicate your Participant index number in the section you have written. Neither your name nor student registration number may be stated in the assignment.

All group members' Participant index numbers and the course name must be stated in the header on all pages of your exam assignment.