Withdrawal from exams

Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes and supplementary subjects

Deadlines for withdrawal

First exam attempt

  • For subjects in the autumn semester:  1-5 May
  • For subjects in the spring semester: 1-5 November

Second and third exam attempts (re-examination)

Special rules for first-year exams

If you cannot complete the course and exams corresponding to 30 ECTS credits (the prescribed duration of a semester), you can withdraw from one or more courses and associated exams.

Withdrawals must take place by 1 September at the latest.

Please note that on most degree programmes, all exams on the first semester are part of the first-year exam. Before withdrawing, please contact the Student Counsellors' Office in order to discuss the plans for your studies.

You can withdraw from a course and exam by contacting Study Centre Arts.

Special rules for the first semester of Master’s degree programmes and supplementary subjects

Since you are not enrolled on your Master’s degree programme or supplementary subject by the deadline for withdrawal in the previous semester, there are special deadlines.
In the second semester of your Master’s degree programme or supplementary subject, the normal deadlines apply.

  • First semester in the autumn semester: 5-10 August
  • First semester in the spring semester: 1 February at the latest

When can I register for teaching and exams again?

If you withdraw from the teaching and/or the first exam attempt, you cannot register for the exam again until the next ordinary exam.

Professional Master’s degree students, single-course students and part-time students


If you have not passed your exam in the period during which you registered for the course, or if you are considering withdrawing from the exam, it is important that you contact the Study Centre Arts so that we can inform you of your possibilities for taking your exam and completing your degree programme.

You can withdraw from your exam in due time up until one week before the first day of examination. The deadline for withdrawal is stated in your exam timetable. You can withdraw from your exam via the self-service system at mit.au.dk.