How do I convert my exam paper to pdf?

Before you can upload your exam paper in WISEflow, you must generate a PDF file of your paper, e.g. in Word by saving the file as a PDF. The PDF file ensures that it is impossible to change the content and formatting of the paper, which means that when your assessors open the file, it will look the same as when you submitted it. The uploaded PDF file corresponds to the paper version that students have previously been asked to print out and hand in.

Your exam paper must be handed in as one PDF file. The maximum permitted file size for the total PDF file is 200 MB. Additional material/appendices may (if permitted) be uploaded in other file formats. The total maximum permitted size is 5 GB.

If you are having trouble generating a PDF file, you can find help in the following guidelines:  

When converting an Excel-document from Mac, you should pay special attention to Excel-files with multiple sheets. 
Do not insert page numbers, images, highlighting or anything else in the PDF file after it has been created, as this can cause problems when uploading it in WISEflow. Always make corrections in the original document and create a new PDF file. 

Certain programs may add so-called annotations to the PDF file by default (without you having added them on purpose). Especially Microsoft Excel on Mac has this problem. Please see this guideline  if you experience problems with annotations

Picture of an error code in WISEflow due to annotations