Prerequisites for taking exams

An exam may consist of more than one part, and it may be a requirement that one or more parts must be fulfilled before you can take the exam. You can see in your academic regulations whether this applies to you.

General information about the prerequisites for taking exams

Some examples of prerequisites:

  • submission of a syllabus
  • a synopsis or a case
  • a collection of assignments
  • a media product
  • an oral presentation in class
  • a portfolio

Course participation in the relevant course may also be a prerequisite.

If you need to fulfil certain prerequisites in order to take an exam, it will be described in your academic regulations. Your teacher must confirm that the prerequisites have been fulfilled prior to the exam. 


Ordinary exams

You must comply with the deadline set by your teacher.

Re-examinations in the same semester as the ordinary exam

The deadline for submitting the relevant material is the same as the deadline for registering for the re-examination. You can see the deadline in your exam schedule.

Re-examination in one of the following semesters

You must fulfil the prerequisites by submitting the relevant material to your teacher no later than 1 May for summer exams and 1 November for winter exams.

Can fulfilled prerequisites be “reused” for the re-examination?

There are two things you need to be aware of:

  • The prerequisites for your re-examination may be different from the prerequisites for your ordinary exam — check your academic regulations.
  • If you are to be examined in a new syllabus (if it is more than one year since you have followed the course), the prerequisites may be changed along with the new syllabus and you must meet the "new" requirements.
  • If both the form of examination and the syllabus are the same as for the ordinary exam, you can use the same material again, but you need a new approval and you need to submit the relevant material once again. 

What happens if I do not fulfil the prerequisites?

If you do not fulfil the prerequisites, you cannot take the exam and you will have used one exam attempt. This applies to ordinary exams and to re-examinations.

Who should approve your compliance with the prerequisites?

If you are not sure of which teacher you need to contact to gain approval of your compliance with the prerequisites, please contact Study Centre Arts

Course participation as a prerequisite or form of examination

Course participation as a prerequisite

Course participation may be a prerequisite for taking an exam. It will be stated in the description of the form of examination in your academic regulations whether course participation is required.

In the academic regulations, course participation is usually described as ‘active and satisfactory participation’. Unless otherwise stated, your teacher is responsible for defining what is understood by ‘active and satisfactory’.

What happens if my participation is not satisfactory?

If you fail to fulfil the course participation prerequisite, you will not be able to take the exam in the period of ordinary exams. Since your registration cannot be withdrawn, it means that you have used the first of three exam attempts. It is your own responsibility to register for the re-examination.

The re-examination form is described in the academic regulations. If you need a third attempt to pass the exam, this will be conducted in the same way as your second attempt.

Course participation as a form of examination

Course participation can also be a form of examination in itself.

If you do not fulfil the course participation requirement, you will have used your first exam attempt. It is your own responsibility to register for the re-examination.

If course participation is a form of examination in itself, the re-examination will have another form. The form of the re-examination is described in the academic regulations.

If you need a third attempt to pass the exam, this will be conducted in the same way as your second attempt.

Attendance registration via Qwickly

Your presence at classes for which classroom participation is required will be registered online via the system called “Qwickly”, which is an integrated part of Blackboard.

It is your responsibility to log on to Blackboard and check in to confirm that you are present in class.

Your teacher will start the attendance registration process during the teaching session, after which you can register your attendance for a limited period of time. You can only check in using a pin code which your teacher will announce just before the check-in period.

Qwickly also allows you to see an updated overview of your attendance on the courses for which you have registered. 

How to check in

You can check in via Blackboard on your PC/MAC and from your smartphone via the “Bb Student” app, which you can find in your app store by searching for “Blackboard student”.

If you check in via your PC/MAC, you need to log on to Blackboard and click on the course for which you need to register your attendance.

If you use the “Bb Student” app, you need to use “Qwickly Attendance”, which you will find in the course menu.

In both cases, you will be asked to enter the code that your teacher announces during class.

Need any help?

If you experience any technical problems when registering your attendance via Qwickly, we recommend that you mention this to your teacher during the teaching session.

In addition, you can contact the Blackboard Support.