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Winther exam 2017/18

All exam papers on Arts must be submitted in Digital Exam (DE). You can read more about Digital Exams, you can find guides and log in here.

From Digital Exam, you will receive an automatically generated email (to your AU mail) when your exam is visible.

This is important:

· that you log-on in good time and make sure to submit before deadline. If you eceived after the deadline it will be rejected.

· Remember to press "Deliver" in the system when you are finished (before the submission deadline, you can edit an already submitted assignment).

· that you familiarise yourself with what you do and how you do it before the deadline. You can do so here: digital exam.

· If you experience any system problems with Digital Exam, which prevents you submit before the deadline make sure to document the problem by taking a screen dump, that showing the date and time. It's important that you submit you problem as soon as possible when the problem has been solved.

We strive to illustrate the samples at latest 7 days before the submission deadline.

You must always upload your exam paper again. We don't have the opportunity to find any previously uploaded exam assignments.

If you are in doubt about the type of examination in your module, you can find the answer in your academic regulations which you will find on AU's website.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at: