International studies

International Studies

Before you decide that you want to go on a work placement/field Work

  • Be aware that you can also spend your 3rd semester on the MA attending some of the profile or optional subjects offered across Arts or other faculties at AU, or studying at a foreign university. Please consult your academic regulations.
  • Please register for the work placement/field work on your stads-self service on time.

Finding a work placement/field work

You basically have to go out and search for one yourself. Maybe you have some contacts you can pursue or maybe you know of an organization/work place where you would like to work. You can information work placement/field works by visiting AU Job and Project Bank.

  • The application and acceptance procedures are specific to each individual work placement/field work place. You will need to figure out those relevant to you yourself.
  • You need to find an work placement/field work before 15th August, which is the deadline for handing in the work placement/field work agreement.
  • The work placement/field work period lasts from the 1st of August until the 31st of January. The work placement/field work must be completed before the end of the semester to ensure that the Master’s thesis semester can commence on time.
  • You cannot apply for a prolonging of the thesis period due to the work placement/field work period.

Travel grant

You can apply for travel grants even before you have found an work placement/field work position. The deadline is usually 1st March. The application form with instructions is available on .

Find an academic superviser and get an approval

  • Once the host institution/organization/company of your work placement/field work has accepted you, you need to find an academic supervisor and apply to have the work placement/field work accepted as a valid International Studies MA work placement/field work.
  • Send the person you would like to be your supervisor a short email describing the work placement/field work place, length and content. If they accept to be your supervisor, fill out the form “Project Placement Agreement” and ask the supervisor for a signature.
  • When the agreement is signed by your academic supervisor and your host organization/company you have to scan and upload it as described on the form.

You can contact one of the full-time lecturers at the department (Global Studies). You can also choose among the lecturers from the collaborating Department of Business and Social Sciences (Political Science or Law).

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