General information about exams at the faculty of Arts

Exam Descriptions

You can find descriptions of the different exams in your degree programme in your academic regulations, which you can find at

If you are taking an exam in a course where active classroom participation is a form of examination or is stated as a prerequisite for taking the exam, you can find information on the page on the prerequisites for taking the exam as well as in your academic regulations.

Language of teaching and exams

Where can I find information about the language of my courses and exams?

You can find information about the language of teaching in the course catalogue. The rules about the language of exams are stated in your academic regulations.  

Faculty policy regarding language of teaching and exams

The language of the exam is normally the same as the language of the teaching.

Subject to agreement with the teacher/examiner, the exams on some degree programmes are conducted in Danish even though the teaching has been in English (or in English when the teaching has been in Danish).   

This kind of special agreement is not possible in the following cases: 

  • Courses in which language proficiency is being tested – the language of the exam is always the language studied and perhaps Danish (for instance for translation courses). 
  • All the courses on degree programmes that are conducted in English. The teaching and exams on these courses are only conducted in English.  

If the teaching has been conducted in more than one language, the students can choose the language in which they want to take the exam. 

Exams that are normally conducted in Danish can also be taken in Swedish or Norwegian.  

FAQs about the language of teaching and exams

Am I always entitled to take exams in all the languages stated for a course in the academic regulations?

No. The languages stated in the academic regulations are the languages in which a course can be conducted. But the language in which the course is actually conducted may vary. And you are normally only allowed to take the exam in the language(s) in which the teaching has actually been conducted. So you need to check the course catalogue to find out which language applies in your particular case.

On some degree programmes it is possible to reach an agreement with your teacher about taking an exam in another language. If this is possible, it will be stated in the academic regulations above the degree programme diagram, where you can also see your options.

If a course is taught in several languages, can I choose the language of the exam myself?

Yes. If the course catalogue states that a course is taught in more than one language (Danish and English, for instance), you can choose between these languages for your exam. However, your choice may be limited by the topics/themes which are suitable for the exam, and will also depend on whether the teacher supervising and assessing assignments relating to these topics/themes can conduct exams in the language in question.

If the exam is conducted in Danish, does the teacher have to be able to speak Danish at oral exams – or is it sufficient that they can understand Danish and reply in English?

As long as the teacher understands Danish, thereby enabling you to speak Danish, the teacher may reply and ask questions in English.

Applying for special examination conditions

If you are applying for dispensation in connection with the upcoming examination period, please note that the Arts Studies Administration has a processing time of up to eight weeks (July not included). So we recommend that you apply well in advance – preferably in March and October, respectively.


If you fail an exam, you can register for the re-examination. Please be aware of the short deadline if you want to take the re-examination in the same semester as the ordinary exam.