Spring 2022


The Plan for the introductory lectures will be on Brigtspace 2 weeks before the semester begins

Ungdomskort (only for Danish students)

Skal du i klinik i Viborg, skal du bestille Ungdomskort til Skive for at få dækket udgifterne under hele opholdet.

Semester plan - Instruction to Gynaecology-Obstetrics and Paediatrics

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Please notice that there will most likely be changes to the plan during the semester but they will be updated automatically if you subscribe to the plan. A change notice will come via Blackboard if there is a change in time or date within the coming week. A room change will be updated directly in the plan without a change notice.

Department of Clinical Medicine will upload the detailed lectures etc. to Blackboard about 2 weeks before semester start.

Semester plan in Excel:

You can find your semester plan for Spring 2022 in Excel here.

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